Custom Inkjet Printers

On the basis of our own developed printing system, which performs high stability in X-Y axis printing, we could offer custom Inkjet flatbed printers depends on your requirement and concerns. The flexibility of our inkjet printing system makes it suitable for applications in standalone printers and in-line production equipments.

Most of all, you do not need to concern about lots of limitation, such as printing area and media thickness, while using our Inkjet Print Engines, compare with others in the market, because we are the Original Equipment Manufacturer not reseller or remanufacturer.

Easy to maintain To maximize the flexibility, we offer two kinds of inking systems for our customers. One is independent printhead with massive continues inking cartridge, the other is cartridge with integrated printhead. Both inking systems are easy to replace cartridges and required minimum maintenance, thus the engines are efficient and economical.

Stability and flexibility Moreover, to minimize the lead time while adopting our Inkjet Print Engines, our Inkjet Print Engines are featured with Inkjet Printheads, inking system, drivers, and controllers whereas all these parts and engines are passed through the strict quality control system to ensure the stability and durability.