About Microjet

MicroJet Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a company with more than 500 employees. After several found raises, MicroJet Technology currently has a working capital of 21 Million U.S. dollars. We have achieved solid performance in Inkjet Print Cartridges & Printers, ComeTrue®Full-Color/Ceramic 3D Printers and CurieJet® Piezo-electric MicroPumps & related products.

MicroJet Technology designs Inkjet Printheads, Inkjet Print Cartridges, Inkjet 3D Printers and Piezo-electric MicroPumps with its innovative MEMS teams of IC design, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. We devote ourselves to offering printing solutions within economical budgets.

Research and Development is our most valued asset. Our R&D team members have solid experience at various high-tech companies and research institutes within printing related industries.

MicroJet Technology prides itself on more than 2,000 of granted and pending patents, worldwide, mostly are invention patents. MicroJet Technology also ranks among the Top-100 Taiwan companies in Patents application.

MicroJet Technology is dedicated to customer service, and promises customer satisfaction. MicroJet Technology’s efficient, effective, and innovative design and manufacturing teams will also gladly accept your ODM.