Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics Technology

CurieJet® products are all based on the Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics technology that developed by Microjet Technology.

Microjet Piezoelectric devices are composed by a piezoelectric actuator (piezoelectric actuators), microelectronics and micro institutions, the application of micro-injection molding (micro injection molding), micro (micro-fabrication), the etching of micro-electromechanicaltechnology (MEMS etching technology), the metal substrate and the polymer substrate etching technology (metal-based and of polymer-based etching) and other consolidation.

The piezoelectric actuator using lead zirconate titanate ceramics (PZT ceramics) the inverse piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, this technology enables extremely low power consumption required for the mechanical energy, it is particularly suitable for use in battery-on the drive or energy-saving products.

Piezoelectric micro pump (Piezoelectric MicroPump) for research science and technology using piezoelectric microfluidic technology representative in Taiwan, such piezoelectric micro pump part of the diaphragm micropumps can be applied to direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC ), reorganization of methanol fuel cell (RMFC), water-cooled heat sink / liquid cooler (Water-based cooler), medical equipment (medical equipment), CISS (Bulk ink supply system) and household spray liquid supplies and other fields.

Micro-atomizer (MicroSprayer) is also one of the classic case of the use of piezoelectric microfluidic technology, such products can be applied to radiator (MicroCooler), sprayers / inhalation drug delivery (Nebulizer) and proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC).

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