Industrial Applications

Inkjet technology is proven to be highly successful in demanding and critical production and manufacturing environments, inkjet printing solutions are being implemented across a wide range of industrial applications. Moreover, inkjet is a non-contact printing process, making it ideal for fragile substrates.

Benefits of inkjet digital printing

  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Low running costs enable you to print economically at all run lengths, significantly reducing inventory requirements
  • High quality printing is possible with a wide range of vibrant colours, along with variable images and personalization
  • Place materials in precise quantities and position, greatly reducing ink, water and energy usage
  • Print on demand reduces stock levels significantly
  • Non-contact process enables printing onto textured and fragile substrates
  • Ability to print onto variable X-Y-Z axis (3D surfaces) makes it possible to print non-flat surfaces
  • Variable data printing means that personalized information can be added to each product

Applications including

  • DTextiles
  • Ceramics
  • Product decoration
  • Packaging and labeling
  • GPrinted electronics
  • Solar cell
  • Color filter