TIJ2.5 Thermal Bubble Inkjet Print Heads

MicroJet Technology develops various brand new (not recycled or remanufactured) thermal bubble inkjet cartridges.
These brand new inkjet print cartridges may also replace HP TIJ inkjet print cartridges models.

(1) HC-S05P are Empty inkjet print cartridges for solvent inks.

HP 45si Replacement for:

IQ2392A (HP 2560), CV119A (HP 2570), B3F58A (HP 2580), B3F58B (HP 2580)

(2) HC-A05P are Empty inkjet print cartridges for aqueous inks.

HP 45A Replacement for:

Black Dye:

B3F36A (HP 1918),
B3F37A (HP 2531),
CG339A (HP 45A 10-Pack),
CG378A (HP 2531),
F0L69A (HP 2520),
Q2344A (HP 1918)

Black Pigment:

B3F38A (HP 45A),
C6195A (HP51645A),
C8842A (HP51645A),
CQ849A (OEM Durable Black),
F0L36A (HP Versatile Black),
F0L69A (HP 2520),
F0L95A (HP 2510),
W3S87A (OEM Fast Dry Black)

Color Dye:

C6168A (HP51645A Spot Color Red),
C6170A (HP51645A Spot Color Blue),
C6169A (HP51645A Spot Color Green),
C6173A (HP51645A Spot Color Yellow),
W3S89A (OEM Spot Blue)

Color Pigment:

C6128A (Non Fluorescent Red),
Q2354A (Blue 2242)

(3) HC-A05Q are Printhead Empty Bulk Cartridge for aqueous inks.

Empty Bulk Cartridge for HP Q2320A, Q7456A, Q2357A, Q2382A TIJ Aqueous Pigment inks on C6119A, Q2321A, Q7456A(4500), W3S26A


1.) Packing printing

2.) Egg printing

3.) Coding

4.) Commercial printing

5.) Bar code printing

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